In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil had the Pilgaonkars as his guest on the show. Sachin, Supriya and Shriya graced the stage. In a fun-filled conversation with the family, Kapil shared how his 3-year-old daughter Anayra has been demanding some unusual things. One of them was a video call with Kartik Aaryan.

Kapil said, “My daughter is three now, she thinks the whole world is on TV and everybody knows each other. I used to often tell this on the show as well that parents shouldn’t show mobile videos to their kids. I saw Ginni doing this while Anayra was eating food. I asked her not to give the phone to Anayra so she challenged me to feed our daughter without the cartoon. I tried but she didn’t eat.”
He further added, “One day, my daughter saw Kartik Aaryan’s dance video and she asked me ‘Papa Kartik is dancing, why isn’t he coming to our place?’ I told her he is busy. Then I texted Kartik to once make her talk to him as she kept demanding. I video-called Kartik and they spoke. Now, she has more demands like this. There is this cartoon character Peppa Pig, now she wants to talk to him. Ginni called her friend and made her talk but now she wants to video call Peppa Pig.”
Archana suggests Kapil should wear Peppa’s suit and video call Anayra. While talking about Shriya scolding her parents to take care of themselves. Kapil shared a hilarious tale that he also scolds his mother. Kapil says, “I often catch my mother off-guard. One day I asked her whether she had ice cream outside to which she said, ‘Not ice cream but I honestly had two samosas.’ She doesn’t even spare my cook, she scolded him for stopping her from eating more ice cream.”

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